We are able to deal with any electronic device

Leave your item with a face you can trust. All our repairs are done in-store or at your location, so you know exactly who is taking care of you.
No warranty? No worries. We don't discriminate. If you're using an older machine we're happy to service it – with or without a warranty.

Need a Computer Help? Call Rescue(650) 687-7330

Our Services and Areas of Expertise:

Here are some of the areas we are experts about, but our services goes beyond these four services.
Give us a call and we can discuss and help you on your IT needs.

See what we can do with your device!

Software installation

We can install or repair software online or in-house.

Boost up your system

If your device is slow, call us and we can help!

3 main reasons explaining
why to choose us

Send your device now and recieve it back within couple of days! *

*The device repair will depend on parts availability.
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